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People of the River



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Francesca Allegri



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Wine and Resistance



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Paratge Saga

The Paratge Saga, 20 years of research and writing resulting in more than 25 stories and 8 collections, chronicles a thousand centuries of grace, intrigue and passion in the South of France, focusing on three ancestral lines.

Paratge is a sacred medieval code from the South of France that includes honor, grace, tolerance, compassion, civility, right living, excellence and nobility of soul. The Saga tells the story of people defending these values in a timeless struggle against forces of chaos, hatred and intolerance, and the story of the land in which they lived.

Below is a list of the stories in the Paratge Saga. They are listed in chronological sequence, however that is not the sequence in which they will be released.

Some of this will change as the author explores new ideas or as readers suggest historical periods, incidents or issues they would like to see included in the Saga. Currently Norm is recreating the stories from the 1940s and 2000. The first story of the new trilogy is currently titled Remembering Élodie. The stories in this trilogy greatly expand and enrich Catherine Breasiac and Macabrun.

Francesca Allegri – set in the turbulent 17th century – is the first book to be released. We decided to release it first because it deals with a broader range of all the elements of paratge than any other single story.

Remembering Élodie, the first book in the new trilogy for Wine & Resistance, is scheduled to be released in spring 2015.

Some of the stories span two or more years; the dates given below refer to when the stories begin.

The People of the River: A Quartet


12,000 BCE
Ponkasa is a prideful shaman who defies the will of the Goddess and angers his people, all to cure the wife he loves dearly.


5,000 BCE
Kylu is a woman who risks everything, including adultery, to learn the secrets of a fertile earth.


240 BCE
Breasus is a Celtic bard who faces the choice of killing the chieftain he has sworn to protect or seeing his people destroyed.


106 BCE
Concolitanus is an old man who dares challenge a Roman general to a war of wits in order to save the fabled “Gold of Tolosa.”

The Founders: A Quartet


20 BCE
Aquilianus is a young architect who defies the second most powerful man in the empire to achieve his dream of building one of the greatest structures in the Roman world.


274 CE
Gallius Aquilius, a descendent of Aquilianus, is a nobleman who accompanies the Roman emperor Aurelian to the famed city of Palmyra, only to find himself torn between two sides in a rebellion.


499 CE
Licinius of Tolosa is an old, learned bishop who dupes two kings into helping him build a great abbey.


638 CE
Sagilius of Aquilan, a descendent of the prominent Aquilianus family, journeys the Silk Road to explore the secrets of the Tang Dynasty.

Sweet Johannes: A Trilogy


813 CE
Julia of Aquilan is a bold abbess who fights her conscience and the Vikings to save her abbey.


829 CE
Gianni of Tuscany is a foreigner who finds himself immersed in the intrigues of the court of Charlemagne.


844 CE
Brother Otho, a monk in Abbey Aquilac who has never left its grounds, is terrified when he learns he must travel great distances through hostile countryside in order to help save the abbey.

Songs of the Dove: A Quartet


Miquel d’Aquilac tries to atone for a grievous miscalculation by joining the crusade of Richard Lionheart only to rebel at the horrors of war.


Peyre d’Aquilac, son of Miquel, is a troubadour who, in the midst of war, finds himself in love with a woman … and her mistress.


Isabella de Versanet is a noblewoman who, though Catholic, bravely commits herself to helping her persecuted Cathar neighbors.


Azalais d'Aquilac, great granddaughter of Isabella, converts to Catharism and helps to lead a revolt against the Inquisition.

Scatter the Winds: A Trilogy


Abraham ben Binyamin is a Jewish physician who battles prejudice and superstition to save a world from plague.


Madie Breasiac is an embattled woman who struggles against several kings and her fellow Catholics to try to bring peace and shelter Huguenots in the midst of the French Wars of Religion.


Raimon Breasiac is Madie’s son who joins one of Samuel de Champlain’s explorations of the new world, helps in the settlement of early Acadia, and falls in love with an indigenous woman

Francesca Allegri: A Novel


Francesca Allegri is a young woman who defies a papal ban by smuggling a score of her famous uncle’s music from the Vatican and who then authors a book, more heretical than Galileo, challenging the Church’s view of the world.

Wine and Resistance: A Trilogy


Christien Breasiac is a young idealist who accompanies Napoleon to Egypt, is disillusioned by what he witnesses, then spends the rest of his life bravely opposing the man he once admired.


Henri Breasiac, grandson of Christien, is a wine maker who battles both the blight and the Germans, two invaders bent on destroying his vineyards.


Catherine Breasiac, granddaughter of Henri, is a young woman who defies her Vichy brother and the Nazis to lead a group of Resistance fighters.

Two more books are planned for a new trilogy includingCatherine Breasiac. These are Voices of Deep Midnight and Remembering Élodie.

Beyond Aquilac: A Trilogy


Marcabrun (nom de guerre) is an American who, 60 years later, returns to France where he parachuted in to help a group of Resistance fighters and who now makes a startling discovery.


Eliana Benjamin, a physician with Doctors Without Borders, is the descendant of a long line of Jewish physicians, dating back to the 14th century and who finds herself in New York on 9/11/2001 and in other dangerous situations as she tries to help oppressed people.


Alain Breasiac, is an astrophysicist who is among the leaders of an interplanetary exploration that makes a stunning discovery.

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