Shells intrigued me most. Father Kircher and I discussed at length how many of the shells exhibit the golden spiral, which is derived from the Fibonacci sequence.

— From Francesca Allegri


Music in the trailers:

Francesca Allegri: "Miserere" by Gregorio Allegri, performed by the Tallis Scholars, used by permission from Gimell, UK

Iniquity: "Constancies, part 1 & 2" by Kevin McLeod, used by permission

Island of First Light: "On the Shore" and "Private Reflection" by Kevin McLeod, used by permission "White Sky," Native American Drumming Song, performed by Spirit of the Dawn Wabanaki Singers from Maine.

Sea Room: "The Rushing Wings of Dawn" by Tim Janis
from the album "Along the Shore of Arcadia," used by permission

The Sea Around Them: "At Rest" by Kevin McLeod, used by permission

Paratge Saga: "Hero Down" by Kevin McLeod, used by permission


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