Love in a time of war remembered 70 years later

cover image for Élodie with image of WWII soldier Consumed by memories of the lovely violinist and French Resistance fighter Élodie Bedier, 93-year-old WWII veteran Henry Budge is determined to revisit the scene of his great wartime love affair. affair

Over the stern objections of his family and his doctors, and with the help of his devoted grandaughter, he escapes a rehab hospital and travel to France, purportedly for the ceremonies of the 70th anniversary of D-Day when he parachuted into France ... and into the arms of Élodie.

He carries with him Élodie's journel, his only tangible remembrance of her. How it came into his possession is a key part of the story.

His secret purpose is to revisit the places where his and Élodie's love for each other blossomed, in the hopes of recapturing just a bit of that long-ago magic before he dies, and perhaps to lay roses on her grave.

While there he makes a shocking discovery that fills him both with great joy ... and bitter regret. It's a discovery that compells him to make an astounding confession that he's kept secret for 7 decades.

Élodie is a timeless love story about America's "greatest generation" and about what happens to memory over the years.

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Coming Spring 2017